Against Nature Goes Against the Grain

4 Stars for Against Nature

Casey Barrett was a new author to me that I discovered by participating in a Blog Tour. AGAINST NATURE is the second book the Duck Darley series. Duck Darley is an unlicensed private investigator in Manhattan that isn’t your typical PI. He’s a PI that thrives on brute strength and doesn’t always approach a situation with the methodical level-headedness we generally expect to see with someone of his profession. 

PI Darley receives a phone call from his ex-partner, Cass, telling him her boyfriend who was writing an exposé about doping on the East German Olympic team has been found dead and she’s suspects murder. This launches PI Darley on his search for the truth, with some antics that are both foolish and brilliant. This is a fast-paced book that was a joy to read. 

I also read the first book, UNDER WATER, and the storyline is contained enough that AGAINST NATURE is readable as a stand-alone, it’s mostly character development you’ll miss out on if you read by itself. 

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