The Art of Remembering Unfolds a Beautiful Story

5 Stars!

It’s always intrigued me what attaches itself to memory. How a smell can take you back to a time long before, in technicolor detail. For professional ballerina, Ailsa MacIntyre, the ivory keys of a grand piano coming from the apartment downstairs while she’s recuperating from a tragic accident ignites a memory of who she used to be.

In Alison Ragsdale’s The Art of Remembering, she introduces us to Ailsa. Ailsa had it all. Life was going blissfully with a loving husband, Evan, and career as a principal dancer until she was devastated by a tragedy of a diagnosis. When she emerges from a life-saving surgery her memory isn’t what it was before.

When the sound of the grand piano reignites her passion, the broken pieces of her life reassemble and what she sees isn’t the picturesque vision of life she knew before. Evan seems to be more focused on her career than being the nurturing husband he should be. Ailsa must navigate the conflicting visions of her past, and potential future as they collide.

This was my first Alison Ragsdale novel I’ve read. Her storytelling is vivid and her character development is phenomenal. This story was one that really stays with you. I highly recommend this book!

I want to express a grateful thank you to Kate Rock Book Tours for allowing me the great pleasure of participating and to Alison Ragsdale for writing such a wonderful novel.

Please visit my Facebook/Instagram for a chance to win a digital copy of The Art of Remembering.

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