Read Ruth Ware’s ‘The Turn of the Key’ with the Doors Locked

Ruth Ware is one of those authors that I’ve heard so many great things about, but hadn’t actually read until The Turn of the Key. I have been missing out! 

This is pretty rare for me, but I read this book in a day. The writing style was amazing, similar to Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King. The narrative is Rowan Caine writing from incarceration for a crime she didn’t commit, pleading a lawyer to disregard what he’s heard from the press and take her case. She tells her entire story from seeing an ad for a live-in nanny position to explaining the unraveling events that led to her incarceration. 

The moment she steps into the home is like stepping into a future. The home is a smart home with everything from the constant video surveillance, lights, curtains, even the shower all controlled electronically. This home isn’t new though, it has quite a history itself. 

Sandra, the mother of the three children informs Rowan that she and her husband are leaving the next day for a very important conference. There’s no time to bond with the kids and everything she needs to know is in a binder written in great detail. But this doesn’t tell Rowan everything. 

In her room the first night, she covers the surveillance camera and notices a locked door. After she finally figures out how to control the curtains and light, she goes to sleep without thinking much of it. Until she’s woken up by creaking above her, like someone is pacing upstairs. But there is no upstairs, only the door that is locked inside her bedroom. 

This book never wanes and has a constant level of foreboding. And believe me when I tell you, you’re not going to see the end coming. I’ll definitely be reading her other novels very soon. Oh, and one more thing- read this book with the door locked!

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