Featured on Oprah’s Book Club American Dirt Episode

Several months ago now, I read American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins that opened my eyes to the struggles some people face to come to America. Seeing the news about immigrants being denied asylum or held in camps was frustrating and I felt powerless. I also felt detached, their walk of life was so different than my own that I simply couldn’t relate. American Dirt opened my eyes and made the situation so much more visceral. As soon as Oprah picked it I was so excited! ⠀

What I didn’t see happening was the backlash this book would receive. I wondered if people read the same harrowing story I did, because if so, it was nothing but compassionate and inspiring.

Someone with Oprah’s team called me to ask more questions on how I felt about the book and I’m beyond honored to share that around the 4:44 timestamp of her latest Oprah’s Bookclub episode on AppleTV+, you’ll hear me recommending this book to others. It’s a hot two seconds of glory, but it’s more than I ever dreamed possible.

The book review and “bookstagram” community has lead to so many opportunities and enjoyment for me. I’m continuously humbled by opportunities like this or someone commenting letting me know they appreciate my reviews which lead them to read the book themselves. I love connecting to other readers that share this love of reading, so thank you!

3 thoughts on “Featured on Oprah’s Book Club American Dirt Episode

  1. You are a joy and inspiration to follow, Dustin. It does not surprise me that you were contacted by Oprah’s representatives. Well done, you! I see this as verification that you’re doing the right thing for the right reasons and that your posts are widely appreciated. Here’s to you, and I’m SO happy for you 🙂


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