My Bookmarks Are Featured as Part of Forbes Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Sometimes you get lucky. The stars align and you catch a break. There are a few times in life when things seem to fall in place. Finding a job that seems tailor made for me. Being featured on the American Dirt episode of Oprah’s Book Club on AppleTV+. Starting this blog. This has always been a pursuit of nothing more than happiness doing what I love.

I posted a picture of my Bookshelf Bookmark in a Facebook group and it took off! Getting over a 1,000 likes within a few hours. In the process, it caught the eye of Lois Alter Mark, a travel writer for Forbes who included them in their Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. By the end of the night these bookmarks that I created out of my joy of reading and creating things that other readers might like went from something I was able to sell to a few friends to a hot commodity in the book community.

I am beyond humbled and find myself still pinching my arm questioning reality. Starting this blog, my “bookstagram” account, or Facebook page has never been about getting massive amounts of followers or scoring big endorsement deals. Both of those would be great, don’t get me wrong! It’s always been about putting things that I love out there.

I’m lucky that publishers send me books for social media spotlights and reviews. I get the amazing opportunity to create an awesome photo that I hope does the book justice and be apart of welcoming a new book into the world. That’s it! That’s what it’s all about. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me and I’m looking forward to creating new items and embarking on new experiences.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Dr. Seuess

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