Stepping Out of the Broom Closet

Llewelyn was kind enough to send me a copy of Deborah Blake’s The Eclectic Witch’s Book of Shadows. This book is not my usual genre I talk about here, but lately I’ve been reading tons of witchy books. With Halloween (and Samhain) just around the corner, what better time to come out of the broom closet. 

For those beginning to practice witchcraft, it’s a whole lot of information. If you’re like me and raised in a Christian family, there’s a lot to process and catching up to do. There are a few authors you’re bound to run across. Deborah Blake is one of them. I actually caught glimpses of this book in its infancy as I was a follower of Mickie Mueller on social media and whose gorgeous illustrations burst from the page. 

A Book of Shadows is something a beginner witch is going to hear a lot about. Not going to lie, what came to my mind when I first started was the skin-bound, eyeball-bearing book of the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. A Book of Shadows is simply a book where you collect all of the information you find helpful while on your path. It’s such a fun and rewarding way to learn something. 

In this book, Deborah Blake shares information that is shared from her group Blue Moon Circle she started in 2004. This book covers a wide array of topics- staples of what should be in any Book of Shadows. Witches call upon many allies for their work from herbs, stones, candles, rituals, and spells all of that and more is covered in this book. 

Having an introduction to these topics in a book isn’t all that rare. Having it from such notable members of the community, that’s got some clout to it. But what really sets this book apart are the illustrations and the space within its pages to add your own information. To use its topics as launching point to discover your own information and record it here, that is what makes this book so phenomenal. 

It is a book that I recommend to anyone who is curious or just starting out on your witchy path. While it’s an ‘introduction’ to a variety of topics, I feel that does this book a disservice. It shares some potent information. It’s not simply a tease, but an inspiration to go deeper. With Deborah Blake and Mickie Mueller, you’re in good hands. 

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