The Green Witch’s Garden

Arin Murphy-Hiscock is one of the most reliable witchy authors. Her books, like The Green Witch and Spellcrafting, are always insightful and while designed for beginners, provide information I find myself continually referring to. I’ve been planning to grow a few of my own herbs. I wouldn’t say I have a green thumb by any means, but this book has been so helpful in researching how I want to plant, care for, and use my garden. ⁣

This book was just published this past Tuesday from Adams Media and is beautifully produced with illustrations and information organized in a way that makes the book very navigable. ⁣

Beginning a garden sounds nice, but the thought of it was so intimidating. The first question I asked myself was “What did I want to grow?” So I made my list of herbs I use a lot or wanted to get to know more. This book was helpful in making sure I’ve thought this out properly? What are the soil and water needs? So I even live in an area that’s suitable for the herb? What do I want it to look like? How am I going to use the garden in my practice?

This book covers a lot more than simply gardening. Finding a book about how to begin a garden isn’t too hard, there are tons of those out there. But in this era where so many people are gravitating to other practices and forms of witchcraft, it’s not that easy to find a book on how to grow a magical garden. This book details many aspects of gardening to plant profiles that detail the mundane and culinary uses of herbs and how to grow them, but also how they can be used in your craft.

Cultures before us centered around nature, their lives beat to the drum of the year, much wisdom came from the world around them. I feel we’ve lost some of that. I recently read Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer who really helped me see just how much we can learn from plants. I wanted to start a garden to grow closer to nature and a way to detach from today’s plugged-in society. This book has paved the path that I can proceed down confidently.

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