These bookmarks were featured on Forbes as part of their Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

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Bookshelf Bookmark

The front is designed to allow you to write in the titles of books you’ve read. The bookmarks are printed on a premium felt weave material that won’t allow ink to transfer to your book.


Book Notes Bookmark

One of the hardest part about reviewing for me is keeping track of the important stuff. I designed this bookmark to allow you to take notes as you read. This bookmark is also available to purchase in packs of 5 at a discounted rate.


Bookshelf Bookmark (5-Pack)

This bookmark has be wildly popular and are great gifts for other book lovers! For that reason, I’ve decided to offer this bookmark in packs of five.


Book Notes Bookmark (5-Pack)

If you’re an avid reader like me, you’re going to need a few of these bookmarks. They are great to include in your book pics on social media, to leave in the book when you return it to the library, or even a nice surprise when you revisit books you’ve already read.


Holographic The Reader Sticker

This sticker is sure to shine! It’s printed on holographic vinyl which means it’s weather resistant and can be used anywhere.


The Reader Sticker

One of our most newest designs on a white vinyl sticker. These are weather resistant and can be place on your car, laptop, kindle, or anywhere!


Find Ourselves in Books Sticker

This vinyl sticker is a message is one that most readers can deeply relate to. It’s essential for every bookworm (or bookdragon if that’s more your style).



This BOOKLVR sticker is modeled after a license plate, because books are always an adventure.


BOOKLVR & Mini Reader Sticker Set

I love decorating my book cart with bookish stickers. The original “The Reader” sticker was a bit too large to fit. I designed a smaller version that’s perfect for decorating smaller spaces.



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Commission Me

Many people have seen my these bookmarks and stickers or have seen my drawings on social media. I have been commissioned by authors to promote their new book, as a gift for members of a book club. If you’re interested in hiring me for a commission piece, please contact me at

I wanted to send something to my bookclub, not only was his work fantastic – his flexibility and excitement about the project made it such a fun experience for me! Not to mention, everyone was overjoyed to receive such an awesome gift.

Samantha Gorosh, Member of Reading Between the Wines Book Club

Dustin created a lovely drawing of my poetry book cover! He delivered the image to me very quickly, used great attention to detail, and was wonderful with communicating throughout the process. Would highly recommend working with him.

Tatum Hamernik, author of Ocean Breath